About Us

​​​Looking for affordable, innovative, high-quality LED lighting solutions? Look no further than Fudakin Lighting Inc.


​​​​​Our Values...
 Since entering the LED marketplace in 2005, FUDAKIN Lighting Limited has been a leader in the development and production of high quality LED lighting products. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China to our North American  sales office in Aurora, Illinois, we take great pride in our commitment to be one of the leaders in led technology and energy efficient lighting. We offer a wide selection of lighting from bulbs to tube lights and much more.

 FUDAKIN Lighting Inc. business philosophy is guided by our 5 core beliefs which include:

Quality - we are committed  to ensuring we are able to provide the highest quality products  to our customers.

Innovation -  we take great pride in our ability to  be an industry leader in the development  of customized lighting solutions to meet any challenge, in addition to our broad range of traditional LED products.

Research & Development - we invest a great deal in our Research and Development group to ensure we are constantly on the leading edge of the industry and that we stay ahead of the changing needs in the marketplace. We believe this to be a responsibility we have to our industry partners and  customers.

Dependability - we go to great lengths to ensure that our beautifully designed lighting solutions are both technically and structurally sound, delivering the most dependable products on the market. To reinforce that commitment we offer one of the best warranty programs of any manufacturer in the industry.

Customer Service - we believe in the importance of our customer service commitment to our industry partners and have placed a huge priority on our ability to provide them with the edge they need to compete in the marketplace.

At FUDAKIN Lighting Inc., we believe it's a great advantage to be positioned as a young, dynamic manufacturer in this ever evolving product segment. During these relatively early days in the fast paced world of LED lighting, we think it's very important to be heavily focused on the needs of today, while never losing sight of where the industry is going in the future. By focusing on Innovation, Quality, R&D, Dependability and Customer Service we believe we can provide unparalleled value to our customers and the industry's best lighting solutions.